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  • Mary Huddleston

Times Of Day

The morning and evening times can often feel heavy, cool, moist, and slow. The times 6-10 am/pm can be affiliated with the dosha kapha because the kapha dosha is often described as these qualities of heavy, cool, moist, and slow.

As the sun or moon moves higher into the sky, the qualities of the day begin to shift. The sun brings warmth, heat, and hunger. This time is from 10-2 am/pm, when fire in the sky often brings a fire inside our bellies. This heat and warmth is a quality of the pitta dosha.

Once the fire subsides, the afternoon winds begin to pick up. The quick, light, mobile winds are qualities of the vata dosha. The time 2-6 am/pm is vata time, when we are often more flighty and forgetful.

Our circadian rhythms are often paralleled with these various times of day. Can you have fun and notice how these doshas influence the different times of your day?

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