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  • Mary Huddleston

tis' the season of Gratitude

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Always. The gratitude thing is really something. Seriously. Most people are so focused on the things they don't have. Whether that be a new car, a new pair of boots, a new.... But it is really time to wake up a bit. Take a minute to reflect and recognize what you really do have. The mind is trip, or a trap. What we think about constantly creates our reality. And what we think creates vibrations and energy at a cellular level. So, I won't go down the rabbit hole too much here and just keep it simple. It's Thanksgiving week. The last week of November here of 2019. And what are you focused on? The decorations you need to get up, or all the shopping, cooking, cleaning you need to do before the party? Or are you thankful for you eyes that are reading this? Or are you thankful for your hands that allow you to create and do so much? Are you aware and thankful of your beating heart, pumping blood to all your organs all the time? There is so much to think about and fret about. But there is so much to be thankful and appreciative for too. What are you focused on this week and today?

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